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Groundlessness. Welcoming the UnWelcome

nothing is fixed and yet we naturally seem to grasp at this illusion of permanent, this illusion of comfort, this illusion of steady. and from my experience this is where my suffering comes in...seeking outside of my reality. and perhaps my dharma is here as well.

so groundlessness is a new word for this work of welcoming the unwelcome and getting comfortable in the uncomfortable (and i love new words to play with).

in my bones, in my clarity of what is in this moment: groundlessness.

allowing the moment to be as it is, not needing anything to change, except my need for things to be different. from the fluidity of my bones, moving with what is in front of me and not seeking something to hold on to, but rather diving into the groundlessness of the moment.

may we all swim freely, joyously in the groundlessness play of this life.

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