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Gratitude as a Practice of Self-Care

Gratitude can help us to feel happier, confident, and grounded. Cultivating a grateful heart reduces negativity, self-doubt, and anxiety. By practicing gratitude we imbue life with Joy and Happiness.

Begin with the Mind to get to the Heart of Gratitude Train the Brain To, truly, feel a sense of gratitude we have to practice Gratitude. This is when the re-wiring starts! Notice when you have a negative thought. With compassion, catch negative thought patterns as soon as they arise in the mind. When you have the awareness of a negative thought, shift to a helpful thought. Again, this takes practice. Have fun with watching the patterns of your mind. Be curious and open about the process. Stay with it. Shift in Perspective With time and practice a shift in perspective occurs. This shift derives from a grateful mind and then an outpouring of gratitude from an infinite heart. Gratitude as a Practice of Self-Care Celebrate Life with Gratitude: little moments, big accomplishments, the miracles and beauty of everyday Life Be Grateful for what you already have Accept Complements Do at least one thing a day that you are proud of Celebrate Accomplishments Value Your Time: Who you spend it with and how you spend it Make time to do what makes you Happy Follow Your Intuition Say what you are Grateful for out loud. Make it a Celebration of Life!

~ A Note to Self ~ Write yourself a Thank You for the past year! Go ahead, find some stationary, sit down, and write it out. An old school THANK YOU. Honor and Celebrate 2019!!! and all of YOU. Celebrate ALL of it. The Joys and the Challenges and the Growth.

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