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Let's talk about Power Animals...

Updated: Apr 20

Let's talk about the archetype of Power Animals and how they might assist you in working your Soul's Medicine Wheel.

These Guides are sacred and they choose us. Think back to your childhood and your favorite stuffed animals and toys or affinities you might have had or may still have with certain animals. These affinities and attachments may have been your power animals making themselves know to you as a child.

Discovering Your Spirit Animal

  • Pay attention to the animals appearing in your life. Your power animal may appear in dreams, meditations, as knick knacks around your home or office, people may give you gifts that represent your spirit animal.

  • Spend time outdoors as your power animal may also visit you in the physical form.

  • Reflect on animals that you may be fearful of or are mystified by. Go beyond the superficial emotion of fear or mystery and see if there is more there for you. It may be that the fear is calling you to discover more.

  • Journaling as an avenue to unveil your spirit animal:

  • Begin by writing on why you are seeking a power animal? Are you looking for guidance, healing, messages, etc.?

  • Write about all the animals you have an affinity with from childhood to now. As you write feel your body and just notice...include your body senses in your journaling process.

  • Meditation and Journey work can be a fun and powerful way to connect with your power animals and guides.

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