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Honoring Imbolc - a seasonal juncture, the mid-point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. Here we celebrate the return of the light and the promise of spring. Calendar Imbolc is the 1st of February and the lunar Imbolc juncture is the new moon on January 31st.

how you might honor this juncture:

Feast and Fires - If you live in a place that it is safe for you to build an outside fire, this is a time to use your fire in a sacred way to honor the returning power of the sun. Humans have long gathered as family, friends, and community around the circle of the fire. You might invite some sweet souls to share in the fire and perhaps cook in the fire as well. Toast, share, celebrate and give thanks around your Imbolc fire.

Make a Pilgrimage to Holy Waters - This could be a stream, lake, well, ocean, back yard fountain. Use the element of water to cleanse and purify your dreams. Find a source of clean water and splash some on your face, dip your toes in and feel connected to the benevolent flow of the universe and the miracle of this life.

"Glennie Kindred suggests dipping a piece of ribbon in the water and then hanging it from a nearby tree (trees near water are especially sacred) to carry messages of hope and healing. She also reminds us to thank the spirits of the place you visit and pick up any rubbish you see nearby as an act of gratitude.

Sacred Celebrations - A sourcebook by Glennie Kindred"

Spring Clean - Get rid of clutter and stagnate energy with a deep spring clean. If it's not too cold, open windows and doors to invite in fresh air and the new season.

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