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Winter, Water, Rest, & Replenish

We have officially entered the season of Winter, the season of Water. During this time of year it is our natural cycle to rest, to hibernate, to build up our reserves and replenish our systems.

During this time of Winter we are supported to look inward and reconnect to our being -- our inner world. Surrender in these last few weeks of the darkest days and rest, nourish, and be still as Winter is calling you inward.

Healthy and Joyful Winter

Practice Self-Acceptance: becoming aware of self judgement, with gentle self witnessing. through self-acceptance and self-awareness we can begin to move closer toward our inner self.

Listen: creating quite moments daily to sit and listen to the body, breath, heart and soul. this is a time of receiving, simply allow.

Nourish: warm foods and plenty of water. prepare food with love and infuse your food with vitality, Get plenty of rest and good, sound sleep.

Stay Warm: dress in layers and keep your neck covered. find some sunshine as often as you can. find a yoga/sacred movement practice that both brings warmth and heat to the body while offering moments to pause, replenish, and restore.

may all beings be happy, healthy, safe and free

~ In Lak'ech Ala K'in

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