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Working the Wheel


DeAnn Barry

Providing a sacred container and structure to work the medicine wheel cultivating personal-discovery, healing, and accountability.  

We are all, in our own way, working the wheel. Each day, each month, each year - another turn. 

Perhaps we are reflecting, taking accountability, and growing with each cycle. Or, perhaps, we are just moving through the motions of life.

With every full turn of the wheel there is an opportunity to evolve, forgive and love.

And there may be times when we feel called to more formally work the wheel as our Soul's medicine - cultivating personal growth and healing.

When you feel a call to work the wheel we are here to offer support and guidance. Providing a sacred container and structure to work your Soul's medicine wheel.


~ Working with DeAnn ~


These sessions will draw from a variety of techniques and traditions to move you closer toward your Whole Self. 

Transformational Breathwork

Guided Journey Healing

Mindfulness and Meditation

Ceremony and Ritual

Chakra Illumination

You will be supported in a sacred container with practices for self-discovery and healing. Be held and guided on YOUR path of empowerment.


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