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Renewal, Hope, Moving Forward -

In this day and in these times we are faced with our fears and anxiety of what tomorrow will bring. We are faced with the fears of what might become of our homes, our health, and there is worry for our loved ones. There is also, here in the midst of 'what is', space for the miracles of hope and renewal and moving forward.

We must keep our hearts open and our minds clear.


Yes, there is fear. Yes, these times are uncertain.

And there is so much hope in the future as we are offered a reset. A reset for mother earth to return to balance. A reset for our economy to build community along with commerce. A reset for our hearts and minds to move out of seeking and instead turn inward.

May we all rise together in community. May we all rise together in Love and Kindness.

Open to what is unfolding as it is unfolding.

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