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Spring, Balance, and Health

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Our bodies are slowly awakening from a deep winter's hibernation as the days vary between warm sunshine and cool, gray skies. We begin to shift our daily routines as to how we move our bodies and what we put into our bodies to support immunity, health, and vitality.

From an Ayurvedic view we are in the season of Kapha. Generally speaking, Kapha dosha is steady, calm and grounded. When Kapha dosha is in excess or out of balance there is accumulation of water and phlegm, a tendency toward inertia, heaviness and depression. As we are in the season of Kapha it is helpful to be mindful of our daily activities and diet so that we can remain in balance and not move toward excess this season. Think "like increases like, while opposite heals" when balancing the doshas.

This spring, as the sun returns and we begin to de-thaw. It's time for more movement in the body and to eat lighter more astringent, less heavy foods. It's time to generate a bit more heat to clear the stagnation of our winter hibernation. It's time to cleans the lungs and warm up our kidneys.

Kapha Balancing Asana:

Daily Practice // Kapha Buster - Moving into Spring

9 minute vignette to cultivate strength and flow. This cycle will get your body moving. activate, energize, and 'bust' through stagnation.

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