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Technology Pause

Just the other day, Allison and I were in a deep sharing conversation. My phone vibrated and without a thought I looked at the message. In this tender moment with my beloved, I was immediately pulled away from my person and the moment we were sharing. Nothing about that felt good to me. I am, now, committed to establishing better technology boundaries.

Technology Pause as a Practice: Notice your behaviors and emotional body around technology and devices. how much time are you spending on devices daily? are you spending more time on devices and less time in-person? are you on devices when you are with family and friends? do you have any boundaries with technology? Make a plan. Explore all the possibilities for you and your family when pausing technology. How much time are you willing to commit to fasting from devices? How will you replace your tech time with new activities? How will you establish new boundaries for yourself with technology?

Invite Support. Ask family, friends, co-workers to help you in this process. Be Kind and Consistent. This will take some time, effort, and awareness. Go slow and be kind to yourself as you start to detox from screen time.

for your pause:: Turn Phone Off for a set time daily. Start small, maybe 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in evening. Keep adding time every few days to your Tech Pause. Silence Notifications. Take a few minutes and get clear on what notifications are actually necessary for you, then set your devices accordingly. You can always adjust as the day needs. Set up Device-Free Zones. Bedrooms are a good place to start the device-free zone, the quality of your sleep may improve too! Try a 24 hour Detox: Set aside a 24 hour cycle with no devices and just witness the process.

A few Health Benefits from a Technology Break: Improved Sleep

Better Posture

Deeper Connections with Friends and Family

Improved Memory

Positive Mental Attitude

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